Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Ryze Playtesting

Caucheka at you again with an update to yesterdays post.

This has definitely been the best rework I've ever seen. (and the only one I've seen for that matter.) Yesterday I doubted the machine gun analogy but now I see how it really works. Seeing as how much I posted yesterday, I don't really think this post will reach half the length of the last one (excluding pictures).

So for starters, lets see where the machine gun analysis comes into play. Maxing out cooldown reduction, (shouldn't be that bad, you only need 20% from items or runes, seeing the 9% from masteries and the built in 10% on overload.) will bring Overload down to a whopping 2.1 second cooldown. Combined with his passive which reduces cooldowns by one second when he casts a spell. (No, it doesn't work on the spell you just cast it on.)

So for example, casting q followed by an instant w will bring q down to a 1 second cooldown. followed by another q and then e, and then another q.
Now obviously Q will be the main damage output, and it has the benefit of scaling off his mana and ability power. But focusing on which will give the largest damage bonus?

The answer to this question is mana. while Overload does scale off 20% of your ability power, the 10% scaling on mana is far greater simply because you can more easily stack mana. If only Spell Flux scaled off mana, then you wouldn't even need ability power!

Sample Build

For starters, you would obviously go 9/0/21, making sure to take the magic penetration in offense, along with the cooldown reduction and the 5% mana bonus in utility, as illustrated here.
Masteries Build
Runes are just a little different than before. You are still taking magic pen reds, mana regen yellows, and health quints. however for Ryze it's better to get his damage from mana, so scaling mana blues should do the trick.

Scaling ability power blues would add 27.54 ability power, while scaling mana blues would add 230.04 mana. obviously 10(Q) and 5%(W) of 230 is better than 20(Q), 60(W), and 35%(E) of 28.

Now we'll get into the specific item build, illustrated by this nifty chart that I made.

Item Build
I found it funny that not only did archangels finally reappear under ryzes recommended items, but the 4 core items of this build are the recommended items.


I happened, since I'm the carry, to take middle. I ended up laning against an enemy karthus. As i suggested last post to not waste mana on last hitting with Q, I was able to easily avoid Karthus' own Q, but to harass him with mine. Combined with W i pushed him out of the lane, and I woulda gotten that kill if i had enough mana for Overload.

Anyway, Ryze obviously works best laning mid, where he can last hit/farm in peace unless he's against Morde or something.

With its extremely low cooldown, Ryze's new ultimate actually helps stay in a lane, as you can pop it between teamfights to heal with the spellvamp. I did mention last post as well about what the spell vamp really is, but in my few games i have yet to tell a difference in whether it vamps off of an aoe or not, as technically his ult does splash damage but whatever.

And lastly, I took this screen of my character sheet. sadly I was dead at the time, and the only items in my inventory were the Sorcerer's shoes, Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart and Archangels. I don't understand what was glitching with the cooldown reduction however as it should have been 40%.

Ignore the chat channel message there.

And that is pretty much it. Feel free to leave a comment about the new Ryze in general or more specifically if you wanna talk about my build. Caucheka Signing out.


  1. The thing glitching your cdr was that the q passive dont show up when your death ( 10% cdr ) but i actually dont know why there are still 10% left :p

  2. Pretty nice, Caucheka. I might start playing Ryze soon.

  3. Frozen Heart is the CDR that's not applied unless you're alive, I believe because it's tied to the -20% AS aura, which obviously shouldn't be applied while you're dead.

    Why "obviously" spec as 9/0/21? How about a more defense-heavy build, to utilise Strength of Spirit? Not strictly 9/21/0, maybe even 9/7/14. The 6% CDR from Utility can be covered by CDR Glyphs.

  4. I read a guide few times ago, where they skipped out Archangels Staff for Manamune, giving Ryze some obscene damage output when having some other mana items (both magic+physical dmg, thus harder to counter). What you think of that?