Monday, February 28, 2011

Release Notes v1.0.0.112 Brief Overview

First of all, screw Jarvan, screw patch notes, new Anivia skin!!! =)
Sorry, excuse my excitement. Let's be professional about this...HEXTECH ANIVIA AND REBUFF Wooooooooooooooooo YEEEAAAAHHHHH! (pronounce: Lil Jon")

Sorry again, don't know what happened...stupid laptop keyboard and twitchy fingers >.>

The patch notes link is here if you haven't seen them yet. The patch will be done tomorrow, hopefully.

Couple of things I want to touch up on. First of all, this patch should be called "all about Jarvan, baby". He is a very hyped champion. All of you with IP/RP saved up (4.8k, yes), this is a champion you need to buy just for the coolness. I won't speculate about his skills; he will be released tomorrow. I will talk about the game mechanic changes in another entry soon.

Quick summary of what I think about each champion changes for this patch.

Anivia: YEE rebuff. Still a pain in the ass, all they did was reduced 25 Mana cast requirements. I wouldn't say she is back to where she was before, but maybe hinting future buffs?

Caitlyn: Buff. Now harder to block/avoid her ultimate sniping. 

Ezreal: Change. I would consider a huge buff to be honest. Ultimate a lot more powerful now as it scales with AD, which is what most people build him.

Garen: Slight overall buff. He can now Demacia your face 1 second sooner.

Janna: Slight nerf to ult. Encourages more burst casting for Monsoon (what most players are doing anyways).

Karma: Big buff to her skills overall. Now should be more viable. Apologize to my Karma guide readers, instead of a nerf there is a buff to her shield. Jungle time now?

LeBlanc: Slight damage buff.

Mordekaiser: Mace of Spades scales better now.


Veigar: Buff for ult scaling for own ability power; nerf scaling for enemy's ability power. Less reliant on how fed the enemy is for AP.

  • Sight and Vision Wards can now be stacked 5 per slot (THANK YOU!)
  • Nerf to Spirit Visage. Buff to Tiamat and Morello's Evil Tome
Summoner Spells:
  • Ghost duration decreased to 10 from 14. (Wtf...)

I am looking forward to playing this patch. Good luck and have fun!


  1. Actually it's a buff to Morello's Tome, CDR up to 20% from 15% ;)

    I agree with Ghost, 'wtf...' is the best comment here. Ghost has already been nerfed enough -_-

  2. There is a readon 8/10 people in each match have Ghost.

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