Monday, January 31, 2011

Karma, the gentle breeze or the deadly whirlwind?

What is the first thing you might have noticed when looking at Karma? OMG small boobs WTF *sad face*. She ain’t a looker, although some people might dig gypsy chicks (I, for one, am terribly afraid of all gypsies after reading Stephen King’s Thinner and watching the horror film Drag me to hell). However, I do find her skill set to be very interesting. Let’s take a look at her skills:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Common Misconceptions About Items - Madred's Bloodrazor

Hey, everyone who's reading this. I'm Jebus McAzn. Some of you may know me from the MOBAFire community, while some of you may know me from in-game. A little about me before we begin: I've been playing LoL since around June 2010. Regardless, I feel that I've watched a lot more videos and read a lot more guides than the average LoL player. You can add me in-game as JebusMcAzn, and go check out mine and Hypershatter's guides over on MOBAFire as well!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. This is just going to be a small guide, the type that makes you just a little better at the game. Read enough of these, and it'll really help you raise your ELO. As Phreak says, it's the little things that add up that really end up affecting your total performance.

I'll be talking today about Madred's Bloodrazor. For those of you who don't know, Madred's Bloodrazor is a fairly pricey item, but has fantastic stats. It's a common item for junglers and DPS champs with decent to high attack speed.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What's new?

First of all, terribly sorry I have been away for 2 weeks. In Canada, January to March is a very busy period of time for many university students in the business major because of the job interviews and stuff. With school work and extra-curricular also killing me (just done DECA last week), I don't really have that much spare time anymore. Any spare time I do get I sleep. In this period of time I haven't played a single match of League, not that I would if I had time anyway (who would want to deal with the faggots in the community after a long day, lol).

SO WHAT'S NEW? I am coming back and will hopefully start writing again. But in case I get swamped with work, I invited guest bloggers! Please welcome Jebus McAzn and Scrax -veterans of Mobafire, a popular League fansite. They are excellent writers and insightful players who don't mind giving you guys their 2-cents on LoL. I am looking forward to their work and so should you guys!

So please, stay tuned! Check out some older articles if you haven't already.
Good luck and have fun!

Friday, January 14, 2011

League of Legends Resource Directory (LoLRD)

Jan. 14. 2011

Hey guys,

I created this list when I realized the "LoL fansite directory" thread is severely outdated with most of the websites either inactive or completely shut down. ( Therefore, I created my own list of currently active and large fansites for LoL. They include all of the websites I know that are related to LoL, including blogs, communities, youtube channels, etc. I will constantly update this page. If you have anything to add, please comment below. I hope if enough players found this useful this page will get stickied ^^.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need advice for blog design

Simple suggestions like blog backgrounds or text color. I went for the white BG and black Text because someone said its easier on the eyes. My links are red though...Anyways I am not sure which colors I should stick to so if you guys can provide any suggestions on how to improve this website for you, I would appreciate it!


P.S. A treat for you guys....Hereeee's Janna!

[Latest] Magma Chamber sneak peak!

Hey guys,

The concept arts and pictures for Magma Chamber and new visuals updates are out!
(I am not the primary source for this).

Magma Chamber

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[random] What happens when you get more than pentakill?

Hey guys,

I decided to post some random stuff I found about LoL between the release of my longer blog entries. 

Sooo...what happens when you break the pentakill limit?

Good luck and have fun!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

10,000 views yay :)

Very surprised and excited today when I saw my blog reached 10,000 views! I know this isn't much but I expect my blog to grow much more in the future. Much love <3 to all the readers for supporting me over the 2 months! I will continue to release articles in the future on a weekly basis. Also, I am starting to write for some other LoL communities like Runeterra. I don't write exclusive articles for anybody yet, so you can always find my latest release on this website. Anivia guide will continue to be updated as long as I play this game.
Link here:

Recently, I started playing Rammus all the time. Although I have to put my beloved Anivia aside, I am quickly gaining interest in playing the armadillo as my second main champion. Rammus is such a great champion for solo-queue normal, ranked, and 5 man premades. Although Rammus is a tank, he has deceptively high damage with his passive, and taunt+W+sunfire/thornmail+ulti combo. Most importantly, Rammus is the king of ganks. In the jungling/early game phrase, Rammus can put tremendous pressure on all the lanes by constantly ganking anyone that overextends. It is true that stealth champions like Evelyn and Shaco can also gank very effectively due to their, well, stealthiness. With Rammus, even if you see him coming, there is not much you can do about it. His powerball is simply too fast to outrun, in addition to his taunt making sure escaping will be near impossible if he has a red buff. Rammus also excels in counter-jungling. If you can predict your opponent's jungle path, you can powerball + smite steal, and get away easily. Outside of laning phrase, Rammus can travel across the map really quickly and finishing off a teamfight that started on the other side of the map. He also has superior teamfight abilities; taunting/shutting down the most dangerous target while rest of his team focus fire. Lastly, need I mention Rammus' ability to tank fountain tower in late game?

I recommend everyone to learn how to play Rammus. He is such an amazing champion for 3150 IP. Buy him now!

Good luck and have fun!