Friday, January 28, 2011

What's new?

First of all, terribly sorry I have been away for 2 weeks. In Canada, January to March is a very busy period of time for many university students in the business major because of the job interviews and stuff. With school work and extra-curricular also killing me (just done DECA last week), I don't really have that much spare time anymore. Any spare time I do get I sleep. In this period of time I haven't played a single match of League, not that I would if I had time anyway (who would want to deal with the faggots in the community after a long day, lol).

SO WHAT'S NEW? I am coming back and will hopefully start writing again. But in case I get swamped with work, I invited guest bloggers! Please welcome Jebus McAzn and Scrax -veterans of Mobafire, a popular League fansite. They are excellent writers and insightful players who don't mind giving you guys their 2-cents on LoL. I am looking forward to their work and so should you guys!

So please, stay tuned! Check out some older articles if you haven't already.
Good luck and have fun!

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