Saturday, January 8, 2011

10,000 views yay :)

Very surprised and excited today when I saw my blog reached 10,000 views! I know this isn't much but I expect my blog to grow much more in the future. Much love <3 to all the readers for supporting me over the 2 months! I will continue to release articles in the future on a weekly basis. Also, I am starting to write for some other LoL communities like Runeterra. I don't write exclusive articles for anybody yet, so you can always find my latest release on this website. Anivia guide will continue to be updated as long as I play this game.
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Recently, I started playing Rammus all the time. Although I have to put my beloved Anivia aside, I am quickly gaining interest in playing the armadillo as my second main champion. Rammus is such a great champion for solo-queue normal, ranked, and 5 man premades. Although Rammus is a tank, he has deceptively high damage with his passive, and taunt+W+sunfire/thornmail+ulti combo. Most importantly, Rammus is the king of ganks. In the jungling/early game phrase, Rammus can put tremendous pressure on all the lanes by constantly ganking anyone that overextends. It is true that stealth champions like Evelyn and Shaco can also gank very effectively due to their, well, stealthiness. With Rammus, even if you see him coming, there is not much you can do about it. His powerball is simply too fast to outrun, in addition to his taunt making sure escaping will be near impossible if he has a red buff. Rammus also excels in counter-jungling. If you can predict your opponent's jungle path, you can powerball + smite steal, and get away easily. Outside of laning phrase, Rammus can travel across the map really quickly and finishing off a teamfight that started on the other side of the map. He also has superior teamfight abilities; taunting/shutting down the most dangerous target while rest of his team focus fire. Lastly, need I mention Rammus' ability to tank fountain tower in late game?

I recommend everyone to learn how to play Rammus. He is such an amazing champion for 3150 IP. Buy him now!

Good luck and have fun!


  1. "Lastly, need I mention Rammus' ability to tank fountain tower in late game?"
    Not anymore. :P

    But Rammus is indeed awesome.

  2. i also love Rammus and got him plus his king skin because i played the closed beta yhh :P i'm new to your blog but going to follow seems very interesting and anivia and rammus were 2 of my favourites when i played the beta:D, started playing again few days back and miss Anivia :( also heard that soraka got nerfed ;/ loved her.

  3. You play Rammus? :D

    I actually recently got a guide up on MOBA that's just fantastic for any Rammus player out there. Bguggs from Leaguecraft wrote it, and you should check it out! :P