Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Karma overview and build

Karma build
Check out my Karma build here:

Karma is a well-balanced support champion. She is easy to pick up but difficult to master, especially when it comes to perfecting her Spirit Bond skill. Karma can put out a decent amount of nuking power if she desires, but her true strength lies in her arsenal of support skills. Karma's persistent speed buff, AOE heal, and shield can turn the tide of a teamfight in one skill set rotation. The Mantra bonus allows Karma to be prepared for all kinds of situations and adjust accordingly. Perhaps what I found most amusing is her Spirit Bond skill. Proper usage can slow down and damage all of your enemies while speed up all of your allies during a teamfight. A team chase can lead to an ace if Spirit Bond is used properly. 

I would suggest buying her. She is definitely one of the better 3150 IP champions.


  1. Thanks! I will try the guide out next time I play Karma

  2. I linked to your site and guide on my blog. I hope that's okay.

    The article is at