Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[cool stuff bro] unofficial Replay function (tested!)

League replay tool
Ya that's right, finally there is a replay function to record LoL games with ease. Apparently, someone beat Riot to the game by creating a fully functional replay tool which Riot promised to implement but so far failed to accomplish. I have downloaded and tested this feature myself -it works almost perfectly. Pros and cons (bugs) I found with this recorder so far:

-automatically records games when opened
-no noticeable FPS impact in game
-doesn't require much system resources to run
-able to watch offline or upload online for others to watch
-realllllly small file size 

Cons (bugs):
-may not be forward compatible with future patches
-sometimes doesn't record even if it says "recording now"
-fast forward got some issues
-replay view restricted by fog of war; health bars for units outside of your in-game viewing screen aren't visible
-not sure how to change recorded video to other video formats (i.e. can't be played in video players)
-may crash your game (hasn't happen to me yet)

Video review of features by Quill18

Official website for download:
Here is the official thread for this replay function (with red posts):

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