Thursday, November 25, 2010

[cool stuff bro] A look at custom skins

No, I am not talking about RP skins that you can purchase from the Riot store; I am referring to the hundreds of excellent custom made skins created by players like you and me. For these custom made skins, it will only be shown on your screen, not on other players. But hey who cares, the overall quality from these skins are A LOT BETTER than the ones Riot made, and most importantly, they are FREE. Skins are easy to install and cause no game-play problems.

Where can I get them? You can find tons of skins of all characters on Leaguecraft's website: This community features not only skins, but also player made guides/strategies, champion builds, forums, and tons of other cool stuff constantly updated for your daily LoL needs. Be sure to check it out!

Today I will be featuring the Starcraft Ghost Nova Ashe skin created by KradisZ, one of the famous player made skins out there for download. The Ghost Nova Ashe skin is well-made and make Riot's Ashe skins look like MS Paint kiddie drawings. Tired of your boring Ashe skin? Get this one for moar pewpewz! Heres a sample:
Video can be found here:

Original link + instructions for installation

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