Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bros of Brolaf, bros

Supz Brosssss!

If there is one thing Riot is getting good at, it would be creating new skins that appeal to the community. Riot did an excellent job creating the Epic Winz Brolaf skin. Not only would this skin appeal to thousands of players out there that just want to be bros, Brolaf is a sure-fire cash magnet, netting $20 (or more!) from each sale.
Brolaf is an excellent follow-up to the just as crazy release of the Corporate Mundo skin. Riot does pay attention to the forums and know what the community wants. When the one word (spam) reply, "mundo", is commonly used in threads, Riot responded by releasing the legendary Corporate Mundo skin; now, when the term "bro" is used commonly, Riot releases Brolaf. Perhaps Trundle the troll is going to be released due to the increase amount of "trolls" on the forum? We can only guess whats next.

What Brolaf symbolize is the positive environment of this game. Through gradually increasing amount of trolling, ranting, raging, and all the other negative nonsense that are slowly chipping away the essence of this community, Brolaf stood proud as an average gamer who just wants to be a bro and play the game for the sake of having fun and making friends. We should all just buy the skin, and be bros to stop all the hating these days =D

Absolutely hilarious video from Riot promoting Brolaf skin.

My guess for whats going to happen when 2 brolafs play in the same game (will happen often, believe me).

player: lol bros we are cool with teh bro skins, bro
enemy: for surez, bro, brofist pump =DD
player: look at my pro ASCII brofist, bro
enemy: careful bro, u might get banned, bro
player: na bro, teh councils are my bros, not elementz though he's not a bro 
other players: wow u guys so cool i want skinz 2

(after 50min of bad game and much trolling)
player: u noob ur not brolaf, u r nooblaf stop feeding plox
enemy: u mad, bro?


  1. I don't see why you would pay all that money just for a skin

  2. same reason nexon makes so much money from maplestory fashion items - internet/character appearance matters for some people. also, $20 nowadays isnt much for most people.