Saturday, November 27, 2010

Congrats Reginald, you are NUMBA ONE

Congratulations Reginald for becoming the #1 solo queue ranked player! He achieved this today after announcing his goal to reclaim the number 1 spot. The three games he played during this journey were live-streamed. Here is the link for Reginald's livestream:

Reginald is one of my favorite LoL players. I actively watch his livestream on Solomid. In one of his games, he destroyed the other team under 20 minutes with jungling AS karthus + daggers. Absolute hilarious game and since then I fell in love with his interesting gameplay. Sometimes I get annoyed by his constant use of "bro" though.

Watching pro livestreams is one of the best ways you can improve in League of Legends. I learnt how to play many champions and in game strategies just by watching pros. I suggest you guys check out Solomid and Own3d TV livestreams -IMO one of the best ones out there.

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  1. Oh the shame
    I was wondering who this guy was telling me how to play Shaco XD