Monday, April 25, 2011

Why is the hype level for Rumble under 9000?

A new champion's hype level is demonstrated by the amount of threads created by impatient LoL players who can't wait to get their hands on it. We all remember how hyped up Jarvan IV "the Dragon Knight" was in his pre-release stage. Jarvan boasted huge damage potential and teamfight capabilities, as well as exciting new mechanics that guaranteed his success as a new champion. We also remember Renekton having the same amount of pre-release hype for similar reasons. Before Jarvan and Renekton were released, I remember passing by the LoL forum and spotting tons of "we want XXX" or "is XXX going to be [w.e]" threads. For Rumble, however, not many people seemed to care about his actual release; even less players would rush to buy him on the first day of release. 

I can understand why Rumble isn't receiving the same amount of attention his predecessors did. There are several reasons why this new-Teemo-now-on-robot champion hasn't won the hearts of the public despite what Riot expected.

1. Ok, so you have a robot, but it's not shiny!

Sure, Rumble has it all: a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, a piston pumped mace fist, and toilet plungers for legs? No offence Riot, but this robot fails hard at impressing anyone. It seems as if Stuart Little went to the junkyard one day and suddenly decided to make himself a robot. The design is crude and looks like it would fall apart by the slightest touch of Garen's spin. Compared to the slick design of the beautiful Miss Fortune, who by name alone captured the hearts of the male gamers, Rumble needs to fix his image up a bit.

2. Another 6300 IP champion

Rumble is most likely going to be 6300 IP. After so many 6k new champs recently, Rumble isn't going to be very popular.

3. Nothing game changing

Rumble doesn't seem to be a game changing champion. Sure he has "heat" as a new mechanic, but from the champion spotlight, I can tell this mechanic will either be disappointing or overpowered. Furthermore, although Rumble brings AoE potential into teamfights with his ultimate, I don't think it will be very useful for two reasons. First, his ultimate uses a new targeting system that requires 2 clicks and a drag to cast. That alone takes too long. Second, his ultimate is a line, a rather thin one judging from the video. Sure it can be used to cut-off enemies, but the enemies could run over it easily. 

Anyways, I am still looking forward to Rumble's release.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. It's a yordle. In a mech.

    I don't understand why there aren't more people itching to get their hands on this little rat/squirrel/scrat thing.

  2. Gonna wait for people to realize that you're supposed to build him AD and then see how it goes. ^_^

  3. First off, more post on LoL Insider! Or are there other pages that have more of this indepth LoL stuff?

    Second, I think he'll be 3150. After so many complaints and 6300 champs, they gotta release this one 3150. Why?

    Well its true what you said. He doesn't look appealing, his play style and looks are definitely not worth 6300. So if they want to sell Rumble just by a little, they'll make him 3150. It'll please the crowd and keep the sales up.

  4. Hey mate, love the blog, I just had a 1st game with Rumble playing as a teammate and he destroyed playing AP, ended up with 30/4/5. Not sure if thats standard but he was a beast!

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