Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Shaco Replay

In this game, I carried a team of feeders with Shaco through Map Control strategy. Our Teemo fed hard, enemy LeBlanc was godlike in early game. But I managed to pull through for our team at 50+ minutes. I am an average Shaco, but I improve extremely fast, so you can learn from me as well.

48min- fun fun fun begins, triple lane push strategy
56min- triple inhibitors down!

You need LoL Replay Recorder to play this file.

LoL Replay Recorder: http://www.leaguereplays.com/

Shaco Replay: http://www.2shared.com/file/U9xBmC0c/replay_06-04-11_00-29-38.html

p.s. there are some trolling every now and then, so just ignore the chat box.


  1. The current, updated game (with new launcher) and replay player don't work with this file.

    Error Message: "A general exception has occurred.

    blah blah Unable to find League of Legends.exe

  2. i will look into that, thank you!

  3. Try uploading to www.gamereplays.com/leagueoflegends

    Better than just a random download site :P