Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent events and my new love :3

You guys all deserve a cookie for being so patient!

Recently I have been incredibly busy (like always but even more so) because the final examinations are only a few weeks away! Nonetheless, I will try to do my best to keep up with the postings. By the way, I will soon be blogging for the Solomid community if everything goes smoothly. The site is run by the top players in the League, known for its high-quality, high-ELO livestreams, and recently its guide system. I am really glad that I received this opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for blogging on Solomid. Don't worry guys, while I will be posting on a consistent basis for Solomid, this is my main blog and I will continue to update it in the future! Nonetheless, the first part of my planned mini-series, "The LoL Mindset", will debut on Solomid before making its way here. Again, do not worry, there are many other articles that I plan to release only on my blog ^^.

Now you are probably wondering, who is this new love that I found? No, I didn't find a girlfriend to mitigate my loneliness T_T. This new love that I found is a champion in LoL; you would know if you have read my in-game status updates recently. That's right, he is no other than Shaco - The Demon Jester! (No homo) I guess I am "cheating" on Anivia~
Sup Bros?
Why Shaco?

I picked up Shaco after contemplating about what is the best way to win in solo-queue. After many rounds of eliminating champion choices, I decided that Shaco has the potential of single-handedly securing a victory for my team from the early game. But I also knew that Shaco is very hard to use effectively, especially after several nerf hammers on his abilities. The fact that handling Shaco is very different from other champions deters many players from giving him a serious try. Most players decided to simply play Evelyn as the counter-jungler/ganker role due to her comparatively simpler style of play, while being just as  (or more)  effective as Shaco. But, Shaco has several significant advantages, such as his infamous ability to be virtually impossible to gank with the Deceive ability, Jack-in-the-box field control, and potential for many trick plays.

Where do I learn to play Shaco? From the master of course! I would say that Reginald is one of the best (if not the best) Shaco players out there. He has about 10 videos so far where he teaches you about how to play Shaco from the start of the game to the end of the game by using live commentaries with in-game examples (yes, I have watched all ten of them). He is an excellent commentator and very fun to watch. I remembered times where I was simply stunned by his ganks and prediction ability. I have learned SO MUCH by listening to him and watching him play, more than I could have ever learned from reading 100+ "Pro Shaco guides". I can share with you what I have learned, but I recommend you watch them yourself.

Key points about Shaco (from Reginald's videos):
  • Shaco is all about applying pressure starting from the early game through constant ganking, counter-jungling and pushing, so your teammates can have a farming advantage. A Shaco that doesn't apply pressure might as well be useless. On the other hand, if you gank too much early game and fall behind in levels, your later game will be useless.
  • An early kill is important for Shaco. If Shaco falls behind early game (no farm or dying), might as well be GG. 
  • Shaco should be constantly pushing and farming lanes throughout the game to apply pressure. Getting those key towers down is important. Don't forget Dragon/Baron control!
  • Shaco is all about prediction. Predicting where you opponents are going to be, and set-up boxes to wait for them.
  • Shaco needs to rely on his Jack-in-the-box (Jitb) on almost everything (e.g. ganking, warding, securing exit routes). Learn to use them effectively.
  • Shaco is very fragile, only fight winning battles and don't get overconfident! Send your clones in first in a teamfight. 
  • Always remember to hit the back of targets for the extra damage!
There are many other important tutorials on Shaco playstyle that would be best for you to watch yourself.

Link for Reginald's Shaco videos:

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Good to have you back. Shaco looks pretty awesome, I've always been interested in playing him but I need to work on my jungling skillz before I take on someone so dependent on early ownage to be viable.


    That's a link to all of Regi's videos on Solomid, not just the one. He's got some interesting games on there, especially one where he demonstrates an extremely powerful tactic of pushing bot lane with wards in the bottom jungle while your team pushes Baron.