Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If there is ever a LoL university...

...then TreeEskimo should be the head professor. 

TreeEskimo is a LoL council member and one of the best League of Legends player. Unlike other livestreamers who usually make jokes, QQ and only occasionally provide useful insights about the game (no offense), TreeEskimo dedicates himself to teach the average player by explaining his views on champions, logic for every movement, and overall battlefield control tactics.  I learned so many strategic concepts from watching his livestream. By watching TreeEskmo, you will improve immensely and be well on your way to become pro if you apply what you learned from watching TreeEskimo in your games. To put it simply, you will get schooled. 

Recently, I watched one of his past livestream video where he played a jungle Nunu. While playing, TreeEskimo elaborately explained the jungling logic/positioning as well as counter-jungling tactics. After watching TreeEskimo, I played against a jungle Nunu and completely, completely shut him down by predicting his every move. For example, when Nunu ganked bottom, failed, and left with 70% health, I pinged my golem and waited in the bush with my teammates, knowing there is a good chance Nunu will try to steal golem because he knew 1) bottom lane will play more defensive after the gank 2) he needs to catch up in farming 3) stealing is always fun. After a couple of seconds, Nunu did show up trying to steal. We ambushed and killed him easily. BUT, we did not stop there. After the gank, my lane went to his jungle and stole every creep camps. We forced Nunu to lane, gimping his entire team's exp, therefore gaining a significant farming advantage and eventually won the game even though both teams had similar skill level. This is just one of the things i learned to drastically improve my gameplay. I hope this will help you just as much, or even more than it helped me.


good luck, and be the best!


  1. Ever watched Roku by any chance?

  2. Yes I have. He is awesome as well :D

  3. There is a LoL University ran by Eggtart Chow. Check it out.